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Maryland's Best BBQ Sauce


Since 2015, Joe Joe's Hog Shack has been delivering to Maryland three distinct, handcrafted BBQ sauces. Each sauce is crafted from original, homemade recipes for maximum flavor for the grill, smoker, slow-cooker, and oven, and even make for the perfect dipping sauces. 

  • Sweet 'N' Tangy BBQ Sauce: Our very first sauce. Sweet 'N' Tangy is a traditional tomato-based sauce, mixed with hot pepper to pack some serious heat. Try it as a grilling sauce or as a spicy upgrade to ketchup for dipping. 
  • Carolina BBQ SauceThis vinegar-based Carolina-style sauce is a easily a favorite for pulled pork and pulled chicken. Tons of vinegar mixed with hot pepper, and balanced by a hint of tomato for smoothness and sweetness. 
  • Blackberry BBQ SauceMixing the sweet and tart flavor of blackberry with heat and hickory makes this fruit-based BBQ sauce a backyard staple. It caramelizes perfectly on ribs, wings, and chicken, and can even be used as a finishing sauce for fish like salmon and rockfish. 

What makes Joe Joe's Hog Shack the best Maryland BBQ sauce and condiment is that each sauce is made in small batches using premium, healthy ingredients. No high-fructose corn syrup, MSGs, or gluten, and low in sodium. The result is delicious sauces with maximum flavor on pork, chicken, beef, fish, veggies, and more.

From Our Home to Yours

Joe Joe's Hog Shack started with Joe trying out new homemade sauce recipes as family get-togethers and to take along with him as he traveled up and down the East Coast in his RV. To Joe, good eating is a source of community and a way of bringing family and friends together to share, laugh, and connect. After years of perfecting his sauces and giving it away to friends and family, demand for the sauce grew as people raved about it's unique flavor. So, Joe enlisted his family to help him make his sauces in small batches and sold it at local farmers-markets and poultry swaps across Maryland in Howard County, Annapolis, Frederick, and Baltimore. The more that people tried Joe Joe's sauces, the more people raved and shared, and the more Joe Joe's Hog Shack cemented its reputation as Maryland's favorite BBQ sauce. 

Today, you can find Joe Joe's Hog Shack sauce in stores, at events across Maryland, and online. You can find Joe in his kitchen cooking a meal for anybody who happens to be at the table that day.