Maryland's Best Barbecue Sauce

Joe Joe's Hog Shack is a Maryland-based barbecue sauce maker, offering three distinct, handcrafted barbecue causes: Carolina, Sweet 'n' Tangy and Blackberry. Each of our Lip Smackin' Good sauces are crafted for maximum flavor for the grill, smoker, slow-cooker, stove and oven, and even makes for the perfect dipping sauce! 

A Maryland Barbecue Legacy

What makes Joe Joe's Hog Shack Maryland's best barbecue sauce is simple: premium, hand-picked ingredients, and years of relentless testing. Our barbecue sauces caramelize perfectly on wings and ribs, they generously immerse in pulled pork and pulled chicken, they coat pork, and they pour generously on burgers. While Maryland may be know for steamed crabs and crabcakes, Joe Joe's Hog Shack cements Maryland's place in the barbecue pantheon. 

Our barbecue sauces offer rich, memorable flavors, making them a family-favorite grill mate across the county. Wake up your inner carnivore with Joe Joe's Hog Shack's Lip Smackin' Good sauces!


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